About Me

Even as a young girl Randi couldn’t hold still.  Tumbling and tapping, dancing and performing; anything she could think of to entertain her family.  Having started dance at the age of 3, Randi Strong has over 20 yrs professional experience in the entertainment industry including producing international corporate events, performing on primetime TV, choreographing for Olympic athletes, and  touring on international stages. 


Trusted by her clients and collaborators, she is dedicated to provide top-of-the-line entertainment services to clients from all around the world.  As the Executive Producer for Strong Productions, Randi and her team deliver the best the industry has to offer tapping from a pool of talent that includes stars from So You Think You Dance, Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, and X factor. Her dog Thomas, always by her side, provides her with invaluable advice on the quality of treats around the world.




We Are Strong Productions

At Strong Productions we strive to combine artistry, emotions, and practicality to provide the best entertainment in the industry. Our goal is to collaborate, iterate, and execute in order to deliver your message across.


I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. Look at this life – all mystery and magic.
H. Houdini

How We Got Here…

After years of performing in productions of all levels and industries, Randi Strong decided to create a production firm to bring the best talent to events across the board.  The goal from the onset has been to deliver the best to everyone, to dedicate their vast talent pool to all her customers, so that every event has the most resounding effect.  Leveraging years of relationships she’s been able to bring groups of A-list talent both on and off the stage to all the clients of Strong Productions.

Our Services We Offer